One of my hobbies is creating desktop wallpaper depicting the Daleks from Doctor Who and spacecraft from, and inspired by, the original series of Star trek. I put this website together to make the wallpaper available to others who might be interested. The website has existed in one form or another since the 30th April 2006.

All of the CGI images that appear on this website were rendered using models of my own construction. I'm afraid none of the models are available for download, partly because I don't want to upset the copyright holders, and partly because the models are the result of a huge amount of work and I feel a bit possessive of them.

I use POV-Ray version 3.7 to render my images, partly because it's free and partly because I like its mathematical script-based approach and use of constructive solid geometry. Building models for POV-Ray can be quite a challenge though, and there are always bits that I'm not happy with, so I'm constantly fiddling with the models and trying to improve them.